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2019-2020 School Year

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!  My classes provide learners of all abilities with information about various sciences - the physical sciences and the life sciences!  There are positive and negative things in science occurring all over the world that affect you and other living things. As you gain knowledge, you can begin to apply basic scientific concepts that will help you make wise decisions.  

This year, I will be teaching a variety of levels, from Life Skills to CP!  Syllabi an expectations will be outlined the first week of school!

What can I do to be successful?

  • ALL homework is due at the beginning of the class on the day it is due. 
  • Always be prepared for class with your binder, a writing utensil, calculator, and any other materials or assignments due.
  • Participate in class, always speak up and help with the problem solving process.  It is okay to ask questions and respectfully comment on what the teacher or your peers say.
  • Study for assessments!  If you pay attention in class and take notes you are on your way to an “A”. 
  • If you have problems with the lessons being learned, you will be able to access my classroom website after hours from your own computer, or stay after school and seek extra help.  If there is a pattern of missed assignments, you will need to make them up during your lunch period, and I may contact your parent/guardian.  Your success depends on your effort and your ability to ask questions.  There are always resources at your disposal to help you after hours.


  • 3 ring one inch binder with paper - binder tabs are optional but helpful. (Please note that the one-inch binder is intended for this course and may not be used for other classes.)
  • Writing Utensil (pencil or pen is fine)
  • Agenda book (distributed on first day of school in your English class)
  • District Issued Chromebook
  • Textbook (if it applies!)

Grading Policy:  All assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects will be graded using a weighted system.  (An IEP may require modifications in this grading policy.)

  • 25% Accountability – Students will be evaluated on a 5 point system: (1) On time for class, (1) Completed Work, (1) No Cell Phone Use, (1) Following Directions, (1) TRS.  Binders need to stay organized and contain all notes and completed assignments. Binder checks will be done twice a marking period as part of your accountability grade and will be worth 100 points. 
  • 25% Class Work - Class work will be graded per assignment.  Students will complete individual and group assignments.  Students are expected to remain productive and on task.  Each student is expected to participate in class.  This includes (but not limited to) going up to the board, joining in group discussions, completing group assignments, and completing in-class assignments.
  • 30%  Quizzes/Projects/Tests  – A quiz will be given throughout the units, usually once a week.  Students who receive a score of 69% or lower are encouraged to take a retake during their lunch, study hall, or after school.    Students will be given a sufficient amount of time to complete a quiz.  Extra time will be granted as requested.  Students caught cheating on an exam will receive a grade of 0 for the assessment and face disciplinary action.  Talking and looking around at other classmates is considered cheating.  Projects will be given throughout the year to further show understanding of concepts taught.
  • 20% Homework – All homework will be graded per assignment.  Students must submit assignments on the date in which it is due.  Missed assignments must be made up during lunch or after school in the classroom.  For every five nonconsecutive perfect homework assignments, students will earn a Free Homework Pass.
  • Midterm and Final Exam – The midterm and final exam will be averaged together to serve as a 5th marking period grade.
  • Extra Credit – Extra credit can be done anytime as a current event to replace a low quiz grade or homework grade.  To receive extra credit, you may find and read a news article (one that can be printed or copied) that reflects anything in science (any content!) and write a summary of the article.  You will need to turn in your summary and your article to get credit. You may also volunteer to paint a diagram that pertains to what we are learning in class on a classroom ceiling tile.  At times, extra credit could also be a NewsELA article with activities.
  • Ø  If you cut class you will receive a zero on all assignments for that day, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Class Guidelines

  • Trust, Respect, Support - RESPECT each other and each other’s belongings at all times, NO exceptions! (This includes respecting one’s nationality, gender, and abilities.)
  • Be to class on time! (that means BEFORE the bell rings)
  • Come to class prepared with your binder, book, assignments, and a writing utensil.
  • Try your best and participate (this includes being on-task and productive).
  • Cell phones are turned off.  There will be no social media of any kind during class.  Students are NOTpermitted to text or call family members or friends or respond to a text or call during class.  You may use your phone if granted teacher permission for a class assignment.  If students use their phones without permission, it will have to be placed in Cell Phone Jail.
  • The bathroom may be used at the beginning or end of the period.
  • Students are required to behave according to all NHS rules as outlined in your student handbook.  If you are unsure, ASK!